Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little blog happy I think!!

So I have decided to start a third blog, because apparently I don't have enough to do in my busy life! The truth is we have friends and family all over the country and some aren't on the great and powerful social network that is FB; so how are those people to see the photos or videos we post or the funny anecdotes from our crazy lives? Through this blog I hope! So I hope those that are interested will follow this blog and keep up with all our family is doing, we really want to stay connected!

So just a synopsis of what our life has been like the last few weeks; crazy! =) Steve accepted a job offer that will be taking us back to New Hampshire by Dec. 19th. We spent Thanksgiving week looking at houses and eating a traditional meal (our first in 6 years) with my mom and aunts! Steve stayed behind in NH and the girls and I are tying up loose ends here in Mo. anxiously waiting for the day when the movers come and we can all be together again in NH.

Here are a few photos from our Thanksgiving trip, enjoy and I hope you come back and visit us again!

For those of you wondering about the blog title…you must not have children! =)

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